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Development and production of
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Ultra compact isolated DC/DC converters with capacity from 3 to 1000 W and operating temperature from -60 to +125°C, intended to supply stabilized voltage to analog and digital equipment in harsh environmental conditions.


Ultra-compact profile

Ultra low Hi-Rel DC/DC converters of MDR series with output power up to 160 W and power density up to 120 W/in³. They are equipped with remote on/ff and protection functions and can operate within a wide temperature range (–60...+125°C).


For pulse loads

MDA series of converters is designed with the purpose to optimize the power supply systems with clear dynamic nature of load.


For railway application

Low profile isolated DC/DC converters with input range between 33 and 160 V optimized for use in railway vehicles.


High voltage input

Modification of MDV series for 110 VDC and 270 VDC input network. Designed to convert high DC voltage coming from a backup power supply or a bus formed by on-board generator and rectifier.



A series of SIP package step-down isolated converters that provide power capacity from 2 up to 10 W with high efficiency that are able to operate within ambient temperature range between -60°C and +85°C.


Universal isolated DC/DC converters

Universal isolated DC/DC converters of high reliability and extended service life designed for industrial application.


High reliable DC/DC converters

Unified DC/DC converters with nominal output power 50 W designed for high reliable industrial applications.

In order to optimize the activities of the enterprise, reduce delivery time and improve the quality of research and development projects starting from November 1, 2015, AEDON, LLC is specialized in development and manufacture of DC/DC-converters, including customized solutions.

Development and production of AC/DC power supplies within NPO Energy Electronics is the responsibility of KW Systems, LLC.

We tried to make the conversion influence our customers as less as possible. So your orders will be accepted and controlled by our sales managers regardless of the type of the product.

We are confident that you will duly appreciate the positive side of such organizational and technological changes and will understand some temporary inconveniences which may arise at the organizational stage of all processes.


EMI filters

Universal input/output EMI filters. Compatible with all AEDON DC/DC converters. High-voltage input. Throughput current 2...20 A. Operating temperature −60...+125°C. Low-profile design.


EMI filter for MDR series

Universal input/output EMI filters designed special for MDR series of AEDON DC/DC converters. Throughput current 2...8 A. Operating temperature −60..+125°C. Low-profile design.