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Miniature isolated DC/DC converters

MDN is a series of step-down isolated converters that provide consumer power capacity from 2 up to 10 W with high efficiency that are able to operate within ambient temperature range between -60°C and +85°C.

These items are manufactured in standard metal and plastic SIP8 cases, as well as a case-less design version with compound potting.

Converters of MDN series differ from the most of their analogues by a wider range of operating temperatures and higher efficiency.

Item Power Dimensions Input voltage range Rated output voltage Typical efficiency
MDN5 2 W
3 W
5 W
22,3х12,1х9,8 mm 5(4,5…9) VDC
12(9…18) VDC
24(18…36) VDC
48(36…75) VDC
3,3 VDC
12 VDC
15 VDC
MDN10 10 W 22,3х12,1х10 mm 12(9…36) VDC
24(18…75) VDC

These products have been designed by KW Systems, LLC and are produced by AEDON, LLC based on the decision of back-up production.